Megan Dominescu n. 1997

Megan Dominescu is a visual artist, living and working in Bucharest, Romania. She graduated from the Department of Painting at the National University of the Arts, Bucharest in 2018.

”From life-size crocheted figures to rug-hooked scenes of whimsical and alien subjects, Dominescu’s work mingles difficult subject matter with lighthearted imagery. She uses humor to convey the hardships people face and the “absurdity” of the world we inhabit.” Omar Gabr, for artsy, 10 Gen Z Artists around the World Offer a Look inside Their Art Practices

“ Using humor as a weapon, Dominescu sheds light on societal contrasts using the bizarre and absurd. ” – Artnet Galleries Team

Her fresh outtake on contemporary textile art through rug hooking and embroidery tackles topics such as representation of women in the media, ecological decay, and post-digital culture.

Megan’s tapestries create an a-poetic pop mythology in fibers collected from a multitude of materials. In her work Megan uses recycled fabric strips and unraveled second-hand sweaters and carefully selects bright colours and contrasting textures, showcasing her training as a painter. The artist takes over the hypermediated world in an array of soft materials –  the day-to-day becomes an epic journey, the best scenario is that our pets take over the world and we keep on swiping left and right into the oblivion.

There is a disarming, humourous nonchalance in how Megan takes on the banalities and cliches of the tik tok-era of our brave new world. Works such ”This man is famous” or ”Miss United States” underline the absurdity of nowadays brand-religion and the instagramable cartoon-like reality. Dogs transcend humanity altogether and amidst the stream of news reels and influencers heralding a new age of anxiety and shopping-sprees, the pervasive online culture is laid bare in tactile form.

Megan Dominescu’s hooked rug pieces provided humorous critiques on contemporary aspects of society ​ →