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Róbert Köteles n. 1975

Radically counterpointing the figurative movement, Róbert Köteles is one of those artists who revisits and persists in working with non¬figurative painting. Since early on in his career, Róbert Köteles has started working with a filigreed weaving called „Clipa”, a virtually untranslatable term from Romanian, meaning „still moment”; it relates to both time and space, both active in a pregnant state of new shapes and moments that start diverging, colliding and ultimately shaping our reality. The artist continuously and obsessively tests this state of matter that exists underneath the surface of our perception. So thorough is his search, so unrelenting is the urgency of his artworks, that while he seizes “Clipa” in intricate geometrical webbings, so does “Clipa” seize him in its endless possibilities of genesis.

Róbert Köteles’S first series began in 1999, with his graduation project which thereafter inspired a complete dedication in non-figurative painting, thus inscribing in the descent of Timișoara’s artistic experiments, following in the footsteps of his professor at the University, the notable Romanian artist, Constantin Flondor, one of the founding members of the Sigma group.

„Clipa” was composed of geometrical shapes and patterns, in freehand drawings in ink or acrylic on canvas. The absence of mechanical accuracy makes his early works feel organic, but also translates the tireless repeated motions of the artist’s pattern-making, ever-shifting and making itself extant.

What followed was a generative period, with colours exploding from the network, fading into contours of weavings and merging in gradients of watercolor over the ink-drawn surfaces. His artworks did not just organically shape, but started twisting, bulging and stretching over sculptural surfaces (wrapped paper, curling canvases or optical effects under the effect of coloured glass or soap bubbles).

Starting with 2010, the grid named “Clipa” sunk into shapes of colours and near-perfect geometrical constructions with ink and acrylic on canvas. No longer brought into plain sight, “Clipa” was shaped by angular traces of colour in blue, red, yellow, black and white, deepening the abstract momentum of Róbert Köteles’s work.

His most recent series, Mater explores a new topography of a map without its territory, where the geography of reality does not explore the politics of an environment, but the environment itself as what it is and not of how it could be appropriated.

Róbert Köteles’ approach discloses its instruments and deconstructs them up to their constitutive elements (the point, the line, the stroke of colour). Once decomposed, those primary signs become vectors of a complex reasoning which places spatiality and temporality at the core of his discourse.

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Mater, H’Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2016 Dialogic Silence, Club Electroputere, Craiova, Romania

2016 Meet the artist, The Ark, Bucharest, Romania

2015 Pending, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2014 Kromo, Pal Art Gallery, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania

2013 Centrum, Casa Artelor, Centrul Cultural Palatele Brâncovenesti, Mogosoaia, Romania

2011 Forever, Calina Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

2008 În fiintare, Pygmalion Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

2005 Hyperceptie, ArTei Gallery, Hanul cu Tei, Timisoara, Romania

Selected group exhibitions

2017 Upcoming: The Map is Not the Territory, ARCUB, Bucharest, Romania

2017 The Privileged Eye, Vienna Contemporary, International Art Fair, Vienna, Austria (with Anca Poterasu Gallery)

2017 Volta13 Basel, Switzerland (with Anca Poterasu Gallery)

2017 The Map is Not the Territory, The Romanian Cultural Institute, Lisbon, Portugal

2015 Opus 5, organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute RCI Vienna and the International Cultural Association Soleil de l’Est ,Viena, Austria 2015 Institute RCI Prague + Romanian Embassy in Slovak Republic and the International Cultural Association Soleil de l’Est , Slovakia

2014 Snapshot Romania, Imago Mundi Luciano Benetton Collection, Treviso, Italy

2014 In Memoriam Stefan Calarasanu, Pygmalion Gallery, Timişoara, Romania

2014 Annotations III – Painting Lessons, Constantin Flondor and Noima group , Academy of Economic Sciences, Romania

2013 Annotations II – Painting Lessons, Constantin Flondor and Noima group, Mansarda Gallery of the Art Faculty in Timisoara, Romania

2013 Annotations I – Painting Lessons, Constantin Flondor and Noima group, Gallery 28, Timisoara, Romania

2013 „Présences de la peinture contemporaine Roumaine en France avec Soleil de l’Est entre 2009-2012” at Banat Art Museum, Timişoara, Romania

2013 Gărâna 2012, exhibition organized by Herczeg Foundation at Art Museum from Banat, Timisoara, Romania

2012 Art Market Budapest, Baril & Fabrica de pensule din Cluj Napoca, Budapesta, Hungary

2012 Salon de peinture Roumanie Contemporaine, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

2012 Annotations – Painting Lessons, Constantin Flondor and Noima group , Curtea Veche Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2012 Set designer in the movie „ROCKER” , directed by Marian Crişan The Moldavian Salon, 12th edition, Contemporary Art Museum „George Apostu”, Bacău, Romania

2012 Barrique Art : De Gustibus, organized by Herczeg Foundation in Romanian Culture Institute and the Tourism and Trade Industry Museum in Budapest, Hungary

2012 International Painting Symposium in Gărâna, 2nd edition, organized by Foundation Herczeg, Romania

2012 International Painting Symposium, 1st edition, Gyúla, Hungary

2011 In the core of things, Art Museum from Cluj Napoca, Romania

2011 Barrique Art :Art and Wineby Gustibus, Banat Art Museum, Timişoara, Romania

2011 Romanian painters exhibition, in Galeria La Caserne, organized by Soleil de l’Est in Joue-les-Tours, France

2011 Symposium International „Almási Béla” , 11th edition, Delta Gallery, Arad and Dorobanţi, Romania

2011 International Painting Symposium, Gărâna, Romania

2011 Romanian painters exhibition, organized by International Cultur Association Soleil de l’Est , in Foyer Main building of European de Brevete Office, Haga, Netherlands

2010 In the core of things, Calina Gallery, Halele Timco, Timişoara, Romania

2010 Romanian painters exhibition, organized by International Cultur Association Soleil de l’Est , Galerie des Deux Clochers, Saint-Genis-desFontaines, France

2010 Artist in residence in Briare, Soleil de L’est, France

2010 International Sculpture Symposium, Kötegyán, Hungary

2010 20 years anniversary, Halele Timco, Timişoara, Romania

2010 Symposium International „Almási Béla”, Dorobanţi, Romania

2009 From Bucureşti to Paris-A Panoramic View on Romanian Art, ParisDrouot Montaigne, France

2009 Art director in the movie „Morgen” , directed by Marian Crişan, www.morgen.ro

2008 8 after 10, Helios Gallery, Timişoara, Romania

2008 International Sculpture Symposium, Kötegyán, Hungary

2008 International Art Symposium, Kétegyháza, Hungary

2007 New Identities in the Romanian Painting and Sculpture after 1990, Dana Gallery, Iaşi, Romania

2007 The Young Transylvanian Artists Exhibitions, The Culture Palace from Debrecen, Hungary

2007 Romanian painters, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2007 Armonia 12, the 12th edition of the Harmony Creative Workshop, organized by David Gheorghe and Elisabeta, Morareni, Romania

2007 International Creative Workshop, Kétegyháza, Hungary

2007 International Sculpture Workshop, Kötegyán, Hungary

2006 Intro, Delta Gallery, Arad, Romania

2006 400, Anniversary Exhibition, Arany Palace, Salonta, Romania

2006 Creative workshop, Biharkeresztes, Hungary

2005 Two Artists, The Visual Arts Gallery, Oradea, Romania

2005 International painting exhibition, Nagykörös, Hungary

2004 The Art Salon, the Criş Region Museum, Oradea, Romania

2002 Silence, exhibition organized together with director Marian Crişan, Arany Palace, Salonta, Romania

2001 Attitude, Hellios Gallery, Timişoara, Romania

1999 The Winter Salon, Hellios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

1998 Ready Gala, The Art Museum, Timişoara, Romania

1998 East-West, Vardy Gallery, Sunderland, United Kingdom

1998 Threshold, Arany Palace, Salonta, Romania

1998 Student Fest, Timişoara, Romania

1997 Christmas Stat, 28 Gallery, Timişoara, Romania

1997 The Tescani Creative Workshop, Romania

1996 Symbol, Adam Müller Gutenbrun House, Timişoara, Romania

1995 Student Fest, Timisoara, Romania

1994 Jesus is Alive, University of the West, Timişoara, Romania

1994 East-West, The Art Museum, Timişoara, Romania

1994 Student Fest, Timisoara, Romania

1993 Eminescu, Casa Universitarilor, Timişoara, Romania

1993 The Macea Creative Workshop, jud Arad, Romania

1992 Stages, Clio Hall, Arad, Romania

1992 Landscape, Landtag des Saarlandes, Saarbrucken, Germany


2012 Nominated for the Gopo Prizes in Best Art Director category for Morgen, Romania