Zoltán Béla n. 1977

Zoltán Béla graduated from the University of Arts and Design in Cluj after studying ceramics at his local high school in Baia Mare. His paintings often originate from a space of personal memories, images that he modifies, pictorially translates and pairs with other elements to arrive at compositions that are purposefully nurture the past into the present. His work is situated between abstraction and figuration, construction and improvisation, the surface of the canvas, and the translation of space. Incorporating discarded objects and modeled elements in art-object and uncanny installations, Zoltán Béla hybridizes the ready-made with the upcycled objects, establishing a direct rapport between sculpture and painting, deriving from a curiosity about the everyday and a virtuosic grasp of texture and materiality.

Solo Shows

2018 Zoom, Új Kriterion Galéria, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania

2016 Art at the window (guest-artist), Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2016 L’espace ventriloque, Anca Poterașu Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2014 Installation, The National Museum of Contemporary Art Anexa, Bucharest, Romania

2012 Traces, Anca Poteraşu Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2011 In meditation: Feeling the Silence, Anca Poteraşu Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2010 A certain time, a certain place, a certain state, Little Yellow Studio, Bucharest, Romania

2009 Self Reflecting 30, Point Contemporary Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2009 Transition Icons, Carini & Donatini Gallery, Italy

2007 Car Wreck, Sadaba, Estonia

Group Shows

2018 AnimaL, Diptych Art Space, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2018 Galbenul intens și alte pete de culoare rezistente la sens, Bistrița Museum, Romania

2018 Winter Celebration, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2018 AD-HOC, Új Kriterion Galéria, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania

2017 Colonia Pictorilor, Baia Mare artistic centre, Romania (The Painters’ Colony is over a hundred-years old institution shaping the Baia Mare school of painting, one of the most important XXth century Romanian artistic movements, comprising artists from all over Europe such as Richard Gerst, Leo Kober Károly Ferenczy, Arthur Verona)

2017 Black and White Biennial, Satu Mare, Romania

2017 The Privileged Eye, (with Matei Bejenaru, Róbert Köteles), Vienna Contemporary, International Art Fair, Vienna, Austria (with Anca Poterasu Gallery)

2017 The Map Is Not the Territory, The Romanian Cultural Institute, Lisbon, Portugal

2017 Simpatie și semnificație, curator: Anca Mihuleț, National Romanian Library, Bucharest, Romania

2016 Werkschau Spinnerei Gallery Tour, Leipzig Spinnerei Galleries, Germany

2016 EXTENSION.RO, curators: Dan Popescu, Yana Smurova , Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2016 Vom Allmächtigen zum Leibhaftigen, curator: Tom Beege, Kunsthaus Apolda Avantgarde, Apolda/Thuringia, Germany

2016 Multicultural Art Walk, Romania

2016 The Politics of Green and Ruins, Volta12 Basel, Switzerland (with Anca Poterasu Gallery)

2015 Timisoara Biennial Art Encounters, Timisoara, Romania

2014 BB6, Curator Gergo Horvath, PAVILION center for contemporary art and culture / Combinatul Fondului Plastic / The Romanian Peasant Museum, Bucharest, Romania

2014 Vienna International Art Fair (ViennaFair), Vienna, Austria (With Anca Poterasu Gallery)

2013 The New Contemporary, ViennaFair 2013 (With Anca Poterasu Gallery)

2012 Curators Network, Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania

2012 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey (with Anca Poterasu Gallery)

2011 The New Figurative, Victoria Art Centre, Bucharest, Romania

2011 Coloring the Grey, The 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Russia

2011 Preview Berlin, Germany

2011 I Am a Romanian: The Bucharest – Tel Aviv Route, Israel

2011 Art Moscow – World Fine Art Fair, Moscow, Russia (with Anca Poterasu Gallery)

2011 Preview Berlin – The Emerging Art Fair, Berlin, Germany (with Anca Poterasu Gallery)

2010 Out Of Sacred, (with Andres Serrano, Shirin Neshat, Kehinde Wiley, Bruno Zanichelli, Ciprian Mureşan), Arezzo, Italy

2010 Police the Police, The 4th Bucharest Biennial of Young Artists, Bucharest, Romania

2010 The Berlin Wall – Promenade Gallery, Vlore, Albania

2010 Global Art Local History #1 – Top 4 Terrorist Attacks with the most victims, preview space Nasui Gallery, Bucharest, Romania