Blind. Deaf. Mute

With her Blind-Deaf-Mute performance and installation, Adriana Jebeleanu raises two questions about one’s relationship with oneself.

Adriana Jebeleanu
20.05  – 10.06.2011

Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest

The first question addresses human evolution through the natural stages of life, ending in the finality of a leap into the void. The second addresses the problematic relationship between the creativity and artistic self. The colours of the dress-code Adriana Jebeleanu adopts in the photographs correspond to the three stages of natural life, which she identifies as the unformed embryonic state; the passionate duration of life and love; and the triumphant beauty of death as a final coronation.

Adriana Jebeleanu’s artistic genius is set against Marius Varvaroi’s background piano. Marius Varvaroi (better known as Roje of the well-known Romanian band Hazard) was inspired by Adriana Jebeleanu’s performance to compose the melody she will perform to in an invented deaf-and-dumb language.

BLIND-DEAF-DUMB is his debut solo project, creating a soundtrack with blending harmonies and psychedelic rythms, to create what Adina Zorzini has describes as an ”ever-circular feel.”

“Adriana Jebeleanu passionately positioned her work in the midst of these concerns in order to find herself in the midst of life, which she in turn „absorbed” by transposing it in her photographic and video actions.”

Blind. Deaf. Mute. → Blind. Deaf. Mute. → Blind. Deaf. Mute. → Blind. Deaf. Mute. → Blind. Deaf. Mute. → Blind. Deaf. Mute. → Blind. Deaf. Mute. → Blind. Deaf. Mute. → 

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