“The changes in ideas about femininity that can be seen reflected in the history of embroidery are striking confirmation that femininity is a social and psychosocial product.”

Artists: Alexandra Șerban, Ana Bănică, Ana Dumitru, Iarina Nicolae, Megan Dominescu, Olivia Ioan, Raluca Neagoe, Theodora Năstasie

Curator: Monica Seiceanu

31.08 – 18.09. 2021

The exhibition ”FÉMINITÉ(S)” is a project curated and developed by our team of volunteers: Monica Seiceanu, Ana Dumitru, Theodora Năstasie, Olivia Ioan

After having been historically erased and prohibited from entering museums or art galleries, textile art is now recognized and integrated as a full-fledged part of the art world, especially in the context of fourth-wave feminism. The common association between textiles and stereotyped feminine activities has however led in the past to the confinement of this specific art form into the domestic world, as well as to its categorization on the second and less valued side of the distinction established between arts and crafts.

One of the aims of this exhibition is to highlight and counter former and existing prejudices concerning textiles as an artistic medium: textile art doesn’t have to be delicate and fragile, its content expanding further than the domestic spaces where it had long been put aside.

Although embroidery, tapestry and other techniques implying the use of textiles persist in the collective imaginary as a recognized medium with regard to the expression of femininity, this socially and culturally perpetuated connection shouldn’t continue to sustain those conventional beliefs which lead to the understatement of both. On the contrary, textile art can be used not only as an instrument in surpassing the dichotomy between arts and crafts, but more importantly it has the power to continuously make up for the lack of representation of women in the traditional male-dominated field of art.

In this regard, the term Féminité(s) is meant to emphasize the unity of opposites formed by putting together the individual phenomenon of femininity and the diversity of real experiences it comprises. The show features artworks by a new generation of artists, focusing on emerging contemporary textile work. It explores how recurrent themes return in the nowadays discourse, especially as during the pandemics more and more artists turned towards the tactile, intimate textile art faced with the increased virtuality of the world.

The show features artworks by a new generation of artists → focusing on emerging contemporary textile work.

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