Irina Botea & Nicu Ilfoveanu: Picturesque – Avant-chronique

“Setting up an exhibition, budgeting production, the exhibition as a project during uncertain times, deadlines, stress, specialized art transport.”

Matei Bejenaru, Oana Coșug,
Larisa Crunțeanu, Sebastian Hosu,
Adelina Ivan, Aurora Király,
Iosif Király, Zoltán Bélat

The Show That Never Was focuses on the notion of the exhibition art-space and its network of collective efforts, desires and hopes, setbacks and ideals that it emerges from. The works of
artists Matei Bejenaru, Oana Coșug, Larisa Crunțeanu, Sebastian Hosu, Adelina Ivan, Aurora Király, Iosif Király, Zoltán Béla allow a view in the liminal space between the artistic laboratory and existing critical statements of the art scene. The exhibition unveils the artistic process, or otherwise revisits earlier works turning a mirror inwards, to the limitations and possibilities of an art-space.

Unravelling the process of creating an art-show, we reflect on what it means to be an exhibition-maker in the current social and economic climate, notwithstanding the absurd and impossible challenges that can sometimes only be met with humour and dare.

The gallery space – a playground / a space of both escapism and confrontation / a space of permutations and chance.

Partner: Roy & Dâmboviceanu Corcova

“Exhibitions for private online tours, the art show as an emergency, the urgency of an art show now.”

In his projects, through photography, video, performance and inter-media installations, he analyzes how the ways of economic production, technological knowledge, mentalities and lifestyles have changed in the last two decades in the post-communist countries. The Romanian workers’ immigration towards the West was analyzed in his artistic projects Travel Guide and Maersk Dubai, selected for various international exhibitions, like the ones in Tate Modern, Level 2 Gallery in London in 2007, The Taipei Biennial in 2008. His choral music experimental project, started in 2010, Songs for a Better Future, was presented at The Drawing Room and Tate Modern in London, Western Front la Vancouver, Kuenstlerhaus Buchsenhausen Innsbruck, Laakteater Haga. The most recent episode of this project, Ode of the Matter, was exhibited at The National Museum of Contemporary Museum in Bucharest and at the Art Encounters Biennial in Timişoara.

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