Artist Catalogue

45,00 lei

Texts by: Adrian Bojenoiu
Proof editing: Sandra Watt
English translation: Sandra Watt
Project coordination: Anca Poterașu
Photo Credits: Alexandru Paul, Adrian Bojenoiu, Róbert Köteles
Pre-press: New Folder
Concept and Graphic Design: Corina Gabriela Duma
Cover paper: Mat 350g/mp
Interior paper: mat 150g – Garda Matt
Cover image: Transformater, 2016
Typeface: Fira Family by Erik Spikermann
Printed: Masterprint Super Offset, Bucharest
Circulation: 750 Bucharest, 2016 ISBN 973 -0-23057-4978
Published by ARAC in collaboration with Club ElectroPutere



“Collective mental routine indicates that we are accustomed to imagine the world as an unbounded mass crossed by adversarial forces or by items organised as a series of objects disseminated into a shifting geometry. This diversified matter is set in an equivocal space-time and is accompanied by variable flows of minds and spirits able to faithfully reproduce its forms and possibilities. To a qualitative segment of individuals, these spirits or minds have an existence separated from the matter, while another segment believes that these are mere manifestations with a certain grip to the mass of objects and things.”

Adrian Bojenoiu, RÓBERT KÖTELES, Artist Catalogue, 2016