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“First of all, Zoltán Béla is a collector – in reality and in the realm of the image. As with every collector, the artist’s attention is focused simultaneously on the objectand on the temporal regime the object implies. Being objets d’affection in the tradition of Breton, the pieces in his collection (whether material or immaterial) are the result of desire, of a significant affective encounter which can be traced both causally and as an eminently spontaneous, undetermined and apparently irrational action, which short-circuits the existing temporal order. The constant play of references of the artist’s imagination unwinds between the conscious expressions of collective memory (the permanent reservoir of symbols and cultural images) and the unconscious expressions of his personal biography (the DNA of a confined internal system, perfectly folded in upon its own history) – Ioana Mandeal, Transient Mood — the Aesthetics of the Ephemeral Between Suspension and Affirmation, ZOLTÁN BÉLA, Artist Catalogue, Published by ARAC, 2015