New projects / Proiecte recente

50,00 lei

Author: Aurora Király
Editor: ARAC
Texts by: Liviana Dan, Cristina Stoenescu
Translation: Cristina Stoenescu
Proof-reading: Giles Eldridge, Sandra Demetrescu, Ileana Savu
Photographs: Aurora Király, Iosif Király, Ugron Reka
Design: Larisa Sitar, Aurora Király
DTP: Aurelian Ardeleanu
Project Manager: Anca Poterașu
Paper: Garda Pat Kiara
Printed at: Fabrik
Published by: ARAC & Anca Poterașu Gallery
UNARTE Publishing House / 2017 / Bucharest, Romania
ISBN 978-606-720-092-8



​”Aurora Király chooses for her projects a unique frequency of communication with the world. Language as art alternates with the homogenous rhetoric of the modern information system and inbetween these plans there is a subtle transfer of substance. The domestic intimacy of writing, the formal elegance of photography and a special light always tell a good story. Layers of emotion and consultancy reiterate real life.

From the long history of abstract avant-garde, Aurora Király takes and inevitably connects art with knowledge. The lines organising her work are austere, yet serene. The conceptual dimension is associated with history, hope, trauma, memory, human relationships, the thoughts of a child, the garden, the last snow…

A profound sense follows the infusions of language and real-life and accepts the experimental code for various daily necessities.” Liviana Dan, Aurora Kiraly – New projects, published by Galeria Anca Poterașu/UNArte, 2017