Stoyan Dechev
Event Horizon
London’s Regent’s Park
13 October – 17 October, 2021

Anca Poterasu Gallery presents the striking artwork ”Event Horizon” (2019) by Bulgarian artist Stoyan Dechev (b. 1978). He is one of the best regarded artists working with sculpture in Bulgaria, a country with a rich tradition in this medium and an extended practice in sculpture-making facilities and technologies. Due to the difficult geo-economical context that led to a slow-developing art-scene, Dechev’s artworks are not as well known internationally as they should be. Through our participation at Frieze Sculpture 2020 we aim to provide Stoyan Dechev an important platform of visibility with the added value of inviting Frieze visitors to discover the contemporary art in South-Eastern Europe. 

The ”Event Horizon” cloud made of aluminium is standing on five polished inox lightnings at a height of almost three metres. The sculpture explores the ambiguities and metaphorical quality of clouds as their representation from early antiquity to nowadays digital realities and their inherent correspondence to natural phenomena. Drawing parallels with science and belief systems, Stoyan Dechev’s sculpture work unveils the relationship between the visible and the immaterial around us, exploring the origin of the myths’ existence. Mimicking nature in an ever-changing “system of systems of codes” accompanies human evolution and its countless associations with clouds from climate change to technology advances and Big Data. New ‘clouds’ of ‘information’ consisting of digital data have become the memory or, one may say, the brain of today’s contemporary society. They host and connect seemingly our knowledge and lives in ephemeral, apparently boundless and perpetual spaces.