Aurora Király & Iulian Bisericaru
Booth P04
Ice Palace Studios
30 November – 3 December, 2022

Anca Poterașu Gallery is delighted to present at NADA 2022 a dialogue between Aurora Király and Iulian Bisericaru, an uncanny landscape of fantastic and utopian dimensions.

Iulian Bisericaru’s vibrant paintings and Aurora Király’s architectural photography-objects of the series Viewfinder Clash (2021 – ongoing) convey an image of adaptation and shifts in our perception of reality.

In Iulian’s paintings, drought-resistant plants survive on the backdrop of an alien atmosphere, creating new structures of solitude and resilience.

On the other hand, Aurora Király’s glass-plate photography depicts momentary mindscapes inspired by the artist’s walks through Bucharest. Encapsulated in the rose and blue-tinted plexiglass frames, the negative photo-images are fractured into different projections on the wall as light passes through or are otherwise viewed from different angles.

Iulian Bisericaru brings about a youthful approach to painting, departing from the well-known Cluj school, but bringing a fresh perspective on how the medium acts within a post-digital, post-humanist world. The painter reflects on how landscapes are now mediated by a digital language of detail and oversight. His paintings will trace the zoom-in, zoom-out concept of his latest work, and link to the open green spaces of urban terraces and parks.

Bisericaru’s interest in imaginary landscapes creates fantastic merges, between Eastern and Western Europe, between his hometown in Romanian mountains and tropical climates. The mixture is pertinent and contemporaneous to the nowadays climate changes that transform weather patterns, and the advent of digital culture and communication, which create new distances to cross.

Connecting with Iulian Bisericaru’s approach to abstract and figurative painting, the precious subjective memories of Aurora Király’s bring about remnants of urban vegetation – fallen trees, wall-climbing vines, the touch of grass. All of this will be missed. All of this transforms.