Aurora Király, Matei Bejenaru, Iosif Király
Main Section, Booth C31
le Grand Palais Éphémère
11 November – 14 November 2021

Anca Poterasu Gallery showcases the works of three most representative Romanian artists in photography: Aurora Király, Matei Bejenaru, Iosif Király, presenting both historical and recent works. 

The Paris Photo exhibition, titled ”L’Air du Temps” focuses on matters of selection and subjectivity in image-making, unveiling the discrete connections between the artist, the camera gaze and the reality recorded through the camera lens. If to collect photographs is to collect the world, the three artists are doing so while also creating new event-horizons – an ongoing living and re-living in the world around us and inner selves. Titled after Matei Bejenaru’s seminal performative work, the tryptic ”L’air du Temps” (1996), the show underlines the poetics of image-making, through  photographic objects, installations and artist darkroom prints.

The selected photographs of the artists Aurora Király, Matei Bejenaru and Iosif Király reflect on the medium of photography and its unique relation with time. Matei Bejenaru’s most recent exploration in the poetics of the visual language of photography is shown side-by-side with his seminal performative work ”L’air du temps”, 1996. Iosif Király’s ”Reconstruction” series depicts multiple perspectives and compound images, demonstrating how the dominant visual language of today provides an ongoing flux of images, where associations and combinations of meanings create messages and emotions powerful and often different from each individual component photograph. 

His works relating to time and memory build a beautiful dialogue with Aurora Király’s focus on matters of selection and subjectivity in photography. Rather than encapsulating the past, she turns her attention to a never-ending present of image-making, an open-ended photographic process, unveiling rich and timeless inner-realities coexisting with our day-by-day world.