Leisure Life

“…takes us back to a time before digitalisation, when taking photos of leisure time was itself a lively free-time activity.”

Sebastian Hosu
Curator: Lotte Laub

December 15, 2019 – January 3, 2020

Anca Poterașu Gallery, Bucharest

Leisure Life, Hosu’s first solo exhibition in Bucharest, comprises oil paintings, charcoal drawings and oil-and-charcoal hybrids. His charcoal drawings are themselves reminiscent of photographic negatives, as if light and dark have been interchanged, as if we’re looking at night-time shots, the lighting and motifs suggestive of ominousness and enigma respectively. This stands in contrast to the summery colours of the oil paintings.

“…the body in the landscape. Some of Hosu’s works resemble studies in which he is focusing on key gestures and the interplay of human beings and nature”
Sebastian Hosu, Family scenes II, 2019
Sebastian Hosu, Family scenes I, 2019
the body in → the landscape → the body in → the landscape →
the body in → the landscape → the body in → the landscape →
Sebastian Hosu, Wave catcher II, 2019
Sebastian Hosu, Wave catcher IV, 2019

You can download the curatorial text below.