Spin Cotton While The Moon Is Bright

The double-exhibition of Dragoș Bădiță and Oana Coșug at the space of Anca Poterasu Gallery in Leipzig is a complementing dialogue on the complexities of human relationships, factoring in the importance of time.

Dragoș Bădiță and Oana Coșug

November 03 – December 22, 018

Spinnerei Galleries Leipzig

Both artists create uncanny intimate spaces within their paintings and drawings, where thoughts and states of mind unravel – yet whereas Dragos Bădiță’s works carry the viewer in a space of self-reflection, Oana Coșug searches for the inherent conflicts and outwards-transformations when encountering the Other.

Dragos Bădiță’s latest series of artworks of oil on wood link with classical studies of light and shadows, textures and iconic-looking portraits. His works reflect on painting canons while challenging their understanding in contemporary times.

“The expressive vulnerability of the imagery in Dragos Badiță’paintings contrasts with the solid presence of the wood surfaces he paints on.”
Dragoș Bădiță, Alex, 2018
Dragoș Bădiță, First Day, 2015
A space of self-reflection​ → A space of self-reflection​ →
A space of self-reflection​ → A space of self-reflection​ →
Dragoș Bădiță, Marleen, 2017
Dragoș Bădiță, Ruin, 2016

You can download the curatorial text below.