Aurora Király n. 1970

Aurora Király is working at the intersection of photography with textile art, drawing or installations.

“Aurora Király chooses for her projects a unique frequency of communication with the world. Language as art alternates with the homogenous rhetoric of the modern information system and inbetween these plans there is a subtle transfer of substance. The domestic intimacy of writing, the formal elegance of photography and a special light always tell a good story. Layers of emotion and consultancy reiterate real life. From the long history of abstract avant-garde, Aurora Király takes and inevitably connects art with knowledge. The lines organising her work are austere, yet serene. The conceptual dimension is associated with history, hope, trauma, memory, human relationships, the thoughts of a child, the garden, the last snow…” – Liviana Dan, text published in Aurora Király. Proiecte Recente / New Projects, 2017

“My interest in feminism developed over time. I understood that the way I look at things, the experiences I go through within a social, political, economic context – especially during the post-communist years through which very rapid changes occurred – all these are important testimonies for the woman’s status as a creator or as an artist.” Aurora Király

Throughout the years, the activity of Aurora Király has surveyed the field of contemporary art from various perspectives. During the 1990s and the 2000s, her projects explored the capacity of photography to record the quotidian, by combining auto-referential fragments with documentary aspects of day-to-day life. Her black and white photographs as well as the ones in colour are focused on details that are usually overlooked, “embedding” personal moments, for wanting to preserve these fragments, to understand them and to reflect on her existence.

Since 2007 she has taught at the Department of Photography and Dynamic Image, at the Bucharest National University of Arts, an experience that has made her re-evaluate her artistic activity and to return with new, mature and profound projects. Her most recent works question the sources that an artist may explore for choosing a subject and the modality through which the said artist approaches context / recent history / art history. The influence of international tendencies, of the art market and of art production, the works and the practices of artists who “listen to” and acknowledge their own “voice” represent a few of the issues of interest for Aurora Király at the moment.

Aurora Király is interested in researching the contemporary artistic phenomenon as an artist and as a cultural manager or a curator, in order to contribute to the study and analysis of recent Romanian art history. The limited institutional opportunities on the Romanian art scene at the beginning of the 2000s have challenged her to get involved in initiating a promoting structure for contemporary arts. She founded Galeria Nouă in 2001 – an exhibition space centred on photography and new technology projects – that greatly contributed to the development of the Romanian art scene. During 2001 and 2008 she organised, at Galeria Nouă, exhibitions, events and conferences with artists and important guests in the field of contemporary Romanian and international art. After suspending the exhibition programme of Galeria Nouă in 2008, Aurora Király has continued to work on projects with Galeria Nouă Association. She has been involved in educational projects promoting contemporary art since 2012.

Liviana Dan, text published in Aurora Király. Proiecte Recente / New Projects, 2017

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