Yasmina Assbane

Yasmina Assbane lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. 

”Yasmina Assbane questions the dominant perception of the women body as an object of decoration and consumption of the gaze. Her artistic approach is strongly rooted in the daily mundanity and in the material life of familiar objects essentially attributed to women. They are emptied of their primary function through dismantling and symbolic reconfiguration strategies” Anastasia Palii

“In her view, “although not all women are artists or writers, all women have the
mastery of objects and stewardship”. An important feature of her work, therefore, is the know-how acquired by women through the ‘art of the display’ and ‘arranging things’ in the
domestic space, which the artist transfigures, in her vision, into an ‘aesthetic of retrenchment’: confinement into the space and materiality of those objects as a defensive strategy. ” 

Yasmina Assbane, Untitled, 2020-2023
Yasmina Assbane, Untitled, 2020-2023

”It is in a gendered daily life that I test the capacity of certain elements from material life to be inscribed in a process of artistic research.

Their plasticity as well as their setting in tension and/or in balance are questioned in a close link with the question of the device.

What I aim at is a tipping point which in a double movement of divestment and re-seizure will operate through the symbolic production a change of vision.
The first and dominant perception loses its primacy. To borrow the words of Marguerite Duras I would say that “a trial is held”: a new destiny is played out.”  Yasmina Assbane

...fragility also suggests, in the conceptual realm of the image
...fragility also suggests, in the conceptual realm of the image
Yasmina Assbane, Untitled, 2020-2023
Yasmina Assbane, Untitled, 2020-2023
Yasmina Assbane, Untitled, 2020-2023

Yasmina Assbane lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. She has a bachelor’s degree in higher artistic education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. She is a teacher for secondary school at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, where she previously completed a higher education in art. In 2004 and 2005 she took part in the Art Brussels Contemporary Art Fair on behalf of the Pascal Retelet Gallery (Olivier Meessen). She had been part of many exhibitions in Greece, in Belgium in Ghent (SMAAK, curator by Ben Benaouisse), Mons, Charleroi and Tournai and took part in a residency at MAAC. She received several awards and grants: Charles Buls, Leg Serrure, Tournai City Prize, Young Artists of the French Community Parliament. Her works are included in both private and public collections (Brussels Parliament).


2024Art Brussels Art Fair, Brussles, Belgium

2024V2Vingt, Solo Show under invitation by Laurent Jourquin

2023NADA Miami Art Fair in dialogue with Megan Dominescu and Sebastian Hosu, Miami, Florida, USA

2023Dressing room, Maison des Arts, curators: Marechal Anne-Cécile and Véronique Baccarini, Brussels

2023Art au centre de Liège #13, under invitation by the curator Marjorie Ranieri, Liège, BEL

2023 ARCOLisboa Contemporary Art Fair Lisbon

2023 I am in the mood to dissolve in the sky, Oana Cosug & Yasmina Assbane, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest

2022 Corps/Peau(Rel), Autonomie, Brussels

2021 Inclinations, Chapelle des capucins, Mons

2021 Art Ghent, curator: Ben Benaouisse, SMAK, Ghent

2021 Petits Mécénats, curator: Ben Benaouiss, Brabantdam, Ghent

2020 In the eye in the pantyhose, Solo show, Runspace10/12, Brussels

2019 Rodeart, artist’s route

2018 Arts & Genre University of Mons

2018 Reparations, Women’s University, Brussels

2018 Peace of Art, Maison du Peuple

2017 Bibliothèque Artistique, Brussels

2016 Apocalypse, Biennale of de Mountados, Gallery Martine Emer

2016 Sacré Sexe, Women’s Art Festival, House of Cultures, Brussels

2016 Salon de peintemps, Gallery K1L, Jodoigne

2015 Apo/ Calypsis, Small Biennale ContemporaryArt, Mountados, Greece, Jodoigne

2008 Centre culturel de Huy

2005 Artbrussels, Galerie Pascal Retelet, Brussels

2004 Artbrussels, Galerie Pascal Retelet, Brussels

2003 Etre Chair et Mère, Galerie Pascal Retelet, Brussels, with Paul Bury, Félicien Rops. 2003 Marcel Mariën and Stéphane Mandelbaume

2001 Pour suite…, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels

2000 Médiatine Prize, Brussels

2000 Crêpage de Chignons II, tentative d’approche d’un art de femme, curator: Liénard François, L’Usine, Brussels


2023 Artists for Artists Residency Network/ AFAR, August Residency in Bucharest


2001 Nominated for the Young Artists’ Prize of the Parliament of the French Community.

1999 Mention at the Young Artists Prize of the Parliament of the French Community.

1995 International Prize of the City of Tournai.

1994 Leg Serrure Prize.

1994 Charles Buls Travel Grant.


Les mouchoirs, Council of the Brussels-Capital Region, Brussels Parliament.

Madone aux mouchoirs, private collection, Eric Kavan.

Madone dorée #1, private collection.

Madone dorée #2, private collection.

Madone dorée #3, private collection.

L’œil, private collection, Richard Miller.


2020 Art et Individualisme, Malika Es- Saïdi, Nouvelle magazine.

2018 Crêpage de chignons II, tentative d’approche d’un art de femme, ,Liénard François, Edition du Chalet de haute nuit.

2018 Réparations, Fanny Declerq, Paris Match Culture.

2016 Héritage cycladique, Claude Lorent, La libre.

2003 De Chair La libre Culture, Claude Laurent.

2003 Etre Chair et Mère Europe aujourd’hui, Suarez Nancy.

2001 Brussells parliament, edition Dexia.

1996 A2RC Achitects, Brigitte D’Helft & Michel Verliefden, Revue générale Catalogue, Edition Didier Hatier.

1996 The Brussels Parliament, La Renaissance du livre Collection of the beautiful books of heritage.

1996 Le Siège of Brussels Parliament – review 1700-2000 Edition of the Parliament.

E-Illustration and illustration:


Ricochet : Traduire en féministe/s, Passaporta.

Vouloir en enfant sans sexe, Faouzia Taouzari, Pipol.


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